Let’s Get Weird: ‘Workaholics’ Cast Talks ‘Strange’ And ‘Eerie’ New Season

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With their Comedy Central series renewed for two more season, the boys of Workaholics have plenty of time to “get weird.” In fact, the stars and writers of the show — Adam DeVine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson — says Season 4 is going to a whole new place.

“It might even go beyond weird and get to a strange level,” DeVine tells us on the red carpet at the 2013 Guy’s Choice Awards, adding that they are still in the middle of writing the new season.

“It’s going to be strange though,” Holm continues. “It’s not going to be weird this season, more strange. Eerie.”

As for guest stars they have their eyes on (the trio recently made cameos of their own on Arrested Development‘s fourth season), the boys say there’s only one man they’re gunning for: Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

“Definitely,” DeVine says.

“He just started telemarketing in his real life right now to prepare,” Holm jokingly adds. “He’s getting better.”

For now, the cast of Workaholics will appear on Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards, airing Wednesday on 9 PM.