20 High Five GIFs For Neil Patrick Harris’ Birthday

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Who can’t resist a high five? For one, Neil Patrick Harris.

Over the years, the actor has taught us all the simple joy of two palms slapping together as the legendary high-fiving character Barney Stinson on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. Whether it’s at the local watering hole or a longtime friend’s wake, there’s always a high five that can suit any occasion.

Seeing how the former child star is turning 40 this Saturday, Celebuzz is celebrating with — what else? — more high fives.

Here are 20 big ones we’d like to give him for his birthday.

1. Phone Five

For when his FaceTime isn’t working.

2. Freeze Frame High Five

For remembering the moment.

3. Retraction High Five

For when someone needs a re-do because their high five was too weak.

4. Couple Five

For when he’s with David Burtka.

5. Backwards Five

For when someone’s sitting backwards.

6. Motility Five

Um, ask your health class teacher about this one.

7. Claw Five

For when he meets Wolverine.

8. Condolence Five

For when he’s feeling blue.

9. Mental Five

For when he’s in deep thought.

10. High V

For when he travels to Rome.

11. Tiny Five

For when he hangs out with his son and daughter, Giddeon and Harper.

12. Solemn Low Five

For those dark times.

13. Angry Self Five

For those frustrating times.

14. Almighty Five

For when he wants to talk to God.

15. High Six

For when a five just isn’t enough.

16. Self Five

For when he’s alone.

17. High Two

For when he meets a hippy.

18. Mushroom Cloud High Five

For those really epic times.

19. Super High Five

For when he’s with the 6’4 Jason Segel.

20. Arthritis Five

For the later years.