‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Recap: Lydia Lights Into Gretchen and Slade

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'RHOC' Tamra's quandry
The spitfire is caught between Gretchen and Vicki.
Don’t underestimate Lydia McLaughlin. The newest member of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County is not one to mess with. If you don’t believe me, just ask Gretchen Rossi and her slimy fiancé Slade Smiley.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode: “Chicks and Salsa”.

In tonight’s episode, Lydia decided throw a salsa dancing party and invited all of the women to attend. Everything seemed to be going great, until Slade decided to crack a joke on Lydia’s behalf about her weight to his woman Gretchen. Unfortunately for the two, Lydia overheard Slade’s crass comment about how thin she was. She decided to pull a Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and come for him, even though he didn’t send her.

A stunned Gretchen and Slade insisted they were merely joking amongst themselves, and it wasn’t intended to be malicious; however, that didn’t stop Lydia from calling the two out about their childish antics. Lydia let Slade know she was not about to tolerate his rude behavior like the ladies have done so in the past. All a befuddled Slade could do was reiterate his remarks to Gretchen were just a harmless joke, and he never meant to insult her. Slade, were you just saying that to save face because you were busted, or did you really mean what you said about not wanting to disrespect Lydia? How is whispering to someone you will dub the host of a party you are invited to “cheeseburger”, because they needed to eat one from being too thin not disrespectful?

If that wasn’t bad enough for Gretchen, Tamra Barney decided to have Alexis Bellino come along as she and the other ladies went on the hunt for her wedding dress. Are Gretchen’s chickens coming home to roost?

Even though Gretchen and Slade maintained they were just being silly and jesting with each other, why not share the joke with everyone instead of whispering it like some mean high school kids? It seems the gruesome duo were not ready for the wrath Lydia brought down upon them, despite their best efforts to backpedal as if they were participants of the Tour de France. The lesson learned here kids is never pick on a smaller kid, because you never know if they might just swing back at you.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Vicki Gunvalson calling Gretchen the equivalent of toe jam. Ouch.

Thank you, TV gods.: Heather Dubrow and Alexis finally working out their issues. It was old and childish.

Awk-ward: Tamra dancing with Brooks Ayers. She looked like she’d rather set her hair on fire than do the tango with him.

Hotness: The OC chickas in their salsa night dresses.  Muy caliente (that’s very hot in Spanish kids)!

Fab-u-lous: Tamra’s man Eddie Judge tearing up the dance floor. You are one luck lady T..

Can. Not. Wait.: To see what Vicki’s reaction is to Lauri Warning Peterson‘s allegations Brooks is cheating on her with a porn star. This is going to be fireworks!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8.

Were Gretchen and Slade just teasing Lydia, or did they get busted trashing her? Did Lydia overreact? Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe