Chrissy Teigen Strips Down For GQ

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Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to showing skin, but this time she’s even ditching her bikini for a revealing GQ photo shoot.

The 27-year-old model is posing with nothing but a heels and a bottle of something (is that olive oil?) in one sexy shot from the mag. Way to leave little to the imagination, Chrissy.

Teigen, one of our favorite tweeters, spoke to GQ about her often controversial (and almost NSFW) social media posts. The sexy funnylady is known to speak her mind in 140 characters or less — she famously got in a twitter feud with none other than Chris Brown and was recently a target of Amanda Bynes.’

But does Chrissy have any regrets when it comes to what she unleashes online?

“All the time! But not really a regret that I thought it, just that I said it,” she tells GQ.

Teigen also discusses her tendency to share risqué photos.

“Well, my naked-spray-tan thing comes to mind,” she says regarding a nude pic that almost got her suspended from Instagram. “What no one knows is that my mom took it! My mom frickin’ threw me under the bus!”

You’ll get more than hot model selfies if you follow Chrissy on twitter, though. She’s pretty wacky and no-holds-barred. Here are some of her gems: