Topless Kate Upton Undresses In Front Of Your Very Eyes

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Shh. You hear that? It’s the sound of straight men everywhere rejoicing as actual footage of Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton exposing her bare breasts has (finally) surfaced.

Obtained by TMZ, the video shows the buxom blonde undressing during a recent photo shoot. In the clip, Upton is seen on a horse’s back as someone — presumably the photographer — is heard off-camera telling the model to strip before they lose sunlight for the shot.

Though Upton first tries to cover up her assets with her hands when her bustier comes off, the 21-year-old eventually gives up and lets it all hang out. (Like, wouldn’t you?)

The celebrity website censored Upton’s curves for the sake of modesty, but it’s not like mankind hasn’t gotten a peek at her goods before.

After all, the model indulged Terry Richarson in a wet t-shirt contest during their infamous GQ shoot before painting up her nude body in Sports Illustrated latest swimsuit issue.

So, there’s also that folks can ogle at.