When Justin Bieber Sucks at Hide-‘n’-Seek, Our Readers Excel at Caption Contests

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Dear Justin Bieber,

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but, um, we can see you. Like, pretty well. It was cute that you tried to hide behind he man with the sweaty armpits, but, unfortunately, your desire to remain covert has failed. You have been found. Mocking has ensued in the form of our caption contest winners:

“I shall call him “Mini-douche”” – William

“Maybe if I hide behind the big sweaty guy the paps might think I’m his girl” – Brittany

“Now you see me, Now you don’t! Oh you do? Shooooot!” – Candice

“wid my head hung low and hand on my crotch, i’ll rise on the douche meter, mark another notch” – Rob

“Come on Dude, be honest, and tell me how bad it smells” – Graciela

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