Kristen Stewart Gets Ink’d In Nashville

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Kristen Stewart is officially tatted up.

The 23-year-old star stopped by Pride & Glory Tattoo in Nashville for an inaugural inking session last week — looks like she fit right in!

Pride & Glory posted pics of K. Stew showing off her new tat on their Facebook page, but they would not reveal just what the Twilight star chose to permanently put on her body.

An eyewitness to Celebuzz says that Kristen came in with four girls and a male friend.

“They walked in totally spontaneously. It was crazy unexpected. I felt like when she walked in I just knew her. She said she gets that all the time. She was super humble, quiet and a good person,” a source told Celebuzz. “She felt like she could come in not as a celebrity but as a regular person and be happy. And she was.”

Her gal group stayed for less than an hour and all got tattooed, although the source also kept mum on the tattoo deets.

Our eyewitness went on to say that K. Stew and her pals “were commemorating their trip in Nashville.”

Viva Tennessee!

Stewart has been spotted outside of LA as of late, enjoying the great sights and tastes that America the beautiful has to offer. First, the low-key lady chowed down at a Hooters in Texas, and then she popped into a hot dog spot in New Orleans.

Seems like a tattoo was next on the actress’s to-do list.

What kind of tattoo do you think Kristen got? We’re guessing it doesn’t say Rob4Eva.