Listen: Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Are ‘Actin Up’ On Asher Roth’s New Track

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown lent their rapping skills to Asher Roth’s new song, “Actin Up.”

The young artists are both featured on the hip hop track, a party anthem that makes Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” all-nighter sound tame.

Justin references his “mack” status in his verse, rapping : “I’m on some Risky Business/ I like women and French kisses/ Mama told me do the dishes but I’m here catching fishes/ Cause I’m still young and acting up/ Girls on my mind, so I still mack up.” (Get full lyrics at

One of Chris’ lines is a little more X-rated: “I just had group sex on my new jet/ So many pretty girls, I’m like who’s next?”


Both Breezy and the Biebs have been making headlines unrelated to their music.

Brown’s legal drama has appeared to resurface — the 24-year-old entertainer was charged with a hit-and-run today and is reportedly headed to court on July 15th. Bieber was recently banned from a a sky-diving facility in Las Vegas after leaving the place a mess.

Take a listen to Chris Brown and Justin Bieber team up for Asher Roth’s Actin Up, below.