2013 Album Anticipation Showdown: Britney Spears Will Remind Us Who Sits on the Throne

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Is Britney Spears untitled project the 2013 album you’re anticipating most? Let us know by voting below. Return each day this week for a new feature on one of our most anticipated albums. Last week, Eminem won the title of Most Anticipated Male Album. This week’s winner will face off against Eminem next week.

Vote now for your most anticipated female album of 2013. After the poll, read on to find out why we can’t wait for Britney, the Princess of Pop, to return and slay our lives later this year.

 Here Are Our Five Reasons Why Britney’s Eighth Album Will Be The Greatest of the Year

Now, we’ve covered Beyoncé and touched on Lady Gaga… But there’s a lil’ special someone who takes the cake when it comes to pop divas. So step aside Pop Princess wannabes, because today IT’S BRITNEY, B#%$&. You already crowned Britney a a champion not once, but twice, and we’re counting on you to do it yet again. The true Princess will give unto us, later this year, her eighth studio album. Here are five reasons why that’s the best thing.

1) She’s the original Princess of Pop. Maybe Madonna‘s not ready to give up her Queen’s crown, but Britney was the first real pop sensation to blow up — and remain relevant — since Madge’s reign.  Lezzbehonest: every girl wanted to be Britney (or be on her). Many still do. Not to mention, Brit’s … Baby One More Time still holds the title  of “best-selling album by a teenage solo artist” 14 years later. 14 years?! That’s longer than most Justin Bieber fans have been alive! When the Princess releases an album, it’s a guaranteed event. The clubs will go crazy, as will the radio. Prepare yourselves, haters. You’ll be hearing a lot of Britney soon.

2) She’s released seven albums, six of which topped the charts at No. 1.  Every one of Britney’s albums with the exception of Blackout (which did not claim the top spot due to a last minute Billboard rule change…)  has been a major, multiplatinum, #1 success. From … Baby One More Time to Femme Fatale, she’s always surpassed our expectations and made a splash.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that Brit-Brit will see more No. 1s in her future, as both the new album’s lead single and the album itself will likely skyrocket to the top of the charts, thanks to her dedicated fans and an audience of millions who can never seem to get enough. More hits, more hits-tory being made. Your favs will never, and you will deal.

3) She beat Taylor SwiftT. Swift may hold the hearts of tweens and teens today, but B. Spears stills holds the crown for most albums sold in the first week of release.  Oops… I Did It Again sold 1.3 million copies in its first week, while Swift’s Red only sold 1.2 million. Sorry, Taylor but… #YouCantSitWithUs! It also goes to show that, even 15 years into her career, Britney remains as relevant as ever. Others may come and go, titles may be contested… but at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding, and that pudding is rich in vitamin Britney. Our Princess will hammer this point home with the release of yet another smash.

4) She always collabs with awesome artists on awesome songs. For example, remember when hopped on Rihanna‘s “S&M” for a fun-‘n’-raunchy remix?  And how about her latest collab with will.i.am, “Scream and Shout” (a song we can’t get out of our heads once we hear it)? Of course, she also worked with Madonna on “Me Against the Music” (and then, in perhaps the most infamous moment in VMA history, made out with the Queen on stage). Who will make an appearance on album eight? Well, will.i.am is confirmed as executive producer, but perhaps even more exciting than that is that William Orbit, the man who produced Madonna’s Ray of Light, is also involved! YES, BRITNEY, GIVE US YOUR RAY OF LIGHT ERA! TAKE US TO CHURCH!

5) Many big Britney things are in store. For instance, to tide us over, Britney released a new song, “Ooh La La.” New music?! How novel! Take note, Beyoncé and Gaga!

Britney is also heading to Vegas for a residency, so get ready for her sure-to-be-spectacular live show to cause a ruckus (and make her a lot of money).  So, we’ve got sountrack tunes, epic residencies, and a new album? It’s a good time to be a Britney fan. Then again, when is it not?

Oh, and P.S.

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