#WeCantStop Laughing at Miley Cyrus’ Fuzzy Diaper and Today’s Winning Captions

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Among today’s caption contest submissions, there appears to a unanimous verdict: Miley Cyrus‘ fuzzy diaper is not so hot, but those boots are f&%#ing fierce. Agreed on all counts. Case dismissed!

OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR! SUSTAINED! We have not yet disclosed the winning captions! OVERRULED! SIDEBAR!

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we will now present irrefutable evidence that our users are hilarious:

“Now that I have this diaper, I don’t EVER have to stop twerking!!” – Sidney

“What’s black & white & skanky all over?” – Cathy

“Top this Amanda Bynes!!” – Sidney

“I can wear baby couture too” – Niruka

“I am pooping and walking …YAY ME!!!” – Shelly

“”I have hair like Angelica’s doll Cynthia from the Rugrats so I might as well wear a diaper like Tommy Pickles…” – Diamond

“oopsie i did a poopsie” – Chasity

“Wearing “Depends” beause I’m full of sh*t!” – Esther

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