Liev Schreiber Talks About Working With His ‘Dream Cast’ On ‘Ray Donovan’

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Liev Schreiber is ready to take on a new acting challenge.

Already a veteran on the silver screen, Schreiber’s latest role as a Hollywood “fixer” on the small screen is something new for audiences — and the actor alike. The impressive cast of Jon Voight, Elliot Gould, Eddie Marsan, and Paula Malcomson admitted that what hooked them to Showtime’s newest series Ray Donovan was the fact the the Golden Globe-nominated actor was taking over the leading role… and the feeling was mutual.

“As soon as [writer] Ann [Biderman] and I started to talk about the cast and the kind of actors that we wanted to work with, I started to feel a lot better about doing the show,” Schreiber told Celebuzz at the Los Angeles premiere June 25.

“I just thought I was in heaven. This is a cast of actors, a truly dream cast of people, that I really, really want to work with.”

Even his wife Naomi Watts couldn’t hold back on giving the gritty cable series two thumbs up.

“I’m super excited. I think it was great writing,” she told CB!. “A great role with duality, I think that’s a great character to work with for an actor.”

Although Schrieber’s character is a pro at covering up the many sins of the rich and famous, off screen the only fixer necessary involves kids and playdates.

“A nanny is the ultimate fixer,” Schreiber said with a laugh.

For more with Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts at the premiere, watch the CB! video above.

Ray Donovan premieres on Showtime Sunday, June 30 at 10 PM ET/PT.