Adrienne and David From Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ Dish On High Seas Drama

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Working on a yacht sounds like something out of a dream. Exotic locations, beautiful people, luxury accommodations, the open water…  But ever wonder what life would really be like as a “yachtie”? Wonder no more.

Bravo‘s new series, Below Deck, follows a group of crew members living together on a 164′ mega-yacht. This gang works hard and plays hard, as they travel to gorgeous locales across the Caribbean and cater to the whims of their charter guests. But there’s no shortage of drama on board. Every episode the crew deals with a new set of affluent, high-profile (and often demanding) clientele. Oh, and you can expect cat fights and love triangles, too.

Celebuzz had a chance to chat with two of Below Deck‘s cast members, Adrienne and David, ahead of tonight’s premiere so we could get a little taste of life on board the Honor.

Dave Bradberry, a former Marine who called himself the “voice of reason” among the cast, weighed in on some of the drama we can expect:

“Oh goodness, you know there is a lot. Every week there is a different group of very wealthy guests that come in and they bring their own drama on board, of course, and sometimes it overflows on to us. You know, the rich can tend to be kinda needy as well and sometimes they just need an ear. They never saw our drama, we definitely kept that below deck. There’s definitely a lot of drama below deck. There’s people hooking up left and right, there’s cat fights…”

Adrienne Gang, chief stewardess and ten year veteran of the yachting industry, gave us the scoop on dealing with her crazy crew:

“You know, the whole 6 weeks was a lot of fun, it really was. There’s love triangles, you know, there’s people hooking up… people who don’t want to work because they’re tired. But, I’m sorry we still have guests coming on board, so tough luck, you know? It’s all very interesting, I’m sure, from an outsider’s perspective. For me, it’s something I deal with everyday!”

Gang talked about her mama bear-esque role on board, saying, “My job as the chief stewardess of the boat is kind of to be the mom. It’s my job to make sure the everybody has what they need and that everybody is happy, comfortable and safe and it’s kind of my job to do the same thing for the crew. Sometime that requires to bring everyone in a line and helping everyone get their, you know, game face on and making sure everyone does what they are supposed to.”

“Huge personalities in very tight quarters. Not always the best conditions,” Dave said of the experience.

So, who are these huge personalities we can expect to see? Adrienne and Dave gave their takes on the rest of the cast.

Dave described Kat as a “party animal,” Ben as an “angry Gordon Ramsey with a little bit of liquid courage,” Eddie as “Mr. Funny Man,” Sam as a”girl next door, but she had a little bit of a bratty side” and Adrienne as “overbearing.” He said of Aleks,”I don’t want to say tool, there’s so much more to him. He’s a great guy and good leader, but yet so much to prove because he’s so much younger.” David called himself “Mr. Nice Guy.”

Adrienne on C.J.: “C.J is interesting. He’s the life of the party, for sure.”

We can’t wait to see this motley crew in action.

So, who caused the most drama? Adrienne said “everyone had their moments,” but Dave was a little more sure.

“Kat. Without a doubt, Kat. Love Kat. She was one of my best friends on the boat. She’s the type of girl — she works really hard but she plays even harder. She’s always ready. She’s the first one out the door ready to go to the bars and clubs and she got a lot of criticism, but I was always there to kinda have her back.” he dished.

As for those for those picky clients the deckhands had to deal with each week?

Adrienne compared the difficult job to a circus act, saying, “Whether you’re on a yacht, or the service industry or a waitress, you’re going to find people you can’t make happy and so that can be really difficult. And you’ll see us jumping through a lot of hoops. I feel like at the end of this we probably should all audition to be in a circus act because we were just jumping through a lot of hoops.”

When we asked her to describe the show in a few sentence she said, “Unique. I think it is unlike anything else that exists. For me personally, there was a lot of frustration. I think at the end of the day, it was a victory though. At the end of the day it goes to a win. It goes to the win column.”

Dave summed up how this series takes viewers to uncharted TV territory:

“This is the type of show I think the entire family can enjoy, it really does have something for everyone. It’s got every setting, every scene is beautiful. There’s the ocean, there’s beaches, there’s sunsets, it’s absolutely just beautiful to watch alone. There’s tears, there’s laughs. There’s something for everyone. I have been telling friends, its like Downton Abbey meets the Real Housewives of any given city meets Jersey Shore. This is a unique show and I really hope, I hope people tune in to check it out. It’s something to be proud about and I am really excited for it.”

Below Deck premieres Monday, July 1st at 10/9c on Bravo.