Justin Bieber Continues To Share Shirtless Selfies

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Justin Bieber wants the world to know he has a very good body.

The Biebs shared two shirtless snaps of his very defined abs on Instagram this Monday, and we doubt he’ll be slowing down on the body-baring selfies any time soon.

We’ve noticed Justin going sans top for a lot of his personal pics as of late. Usually there’s a backwards cap involved, too, if you’re considering mimicking the look this coming Halloween.

We can’t really hate on the “Boyfriend” singer for flaunting what he’s got. Instagram was pretty much designed for over-confident 19-year-old guys who want show off their post-workout shirtless selves. We wouldn’t mind more pics of this cat, but whatever.

Perhaps Justin is just really jazzed about his romantic life? Rumors have been swirling about a possible Selena Gomez reconciliation after eyewitnesses at an LA movie theater took to Twitter last week to report possible Jelena sightings.

Flip through the gallery, above, to check out Justin in all his shirtless glory.