Justin Timberlake’s Explicit ‘Tunnel Vision’ Music Video: Boobs, Boobs Everywhere

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If conservative moms and diehard feminists thought Robin Thicke‘s was sexist for featuring naked ladies prancing around on camera, wait until they get a load of Justin Timberlake‘s NSFW music video for “Tunnel Vision.”

The racy clip, which dropped Wednesday, features the fully-clothed crooner belting out his third single off The 20/20 Experience while three topless females contort to the music, letting their uncensored breasts all hang out.

At one point, footage of Timberlake’s frequent collaborator Timbaland — who is also dressed for the duration of the near-seven minute clip — is super-imposed on the dancers’ bodies.

Given just the amount of backlash Thick has received for featuring predominantly naked females in his now-banned “Blurred Lines” video, it’s suspected that the 32-year-old will also face the same hate.

In hindsight, JT did hint about the explicit nature of his video in the cover art of “Tunnel Vision” — where his face, again, is laid over a naked model’s figure.

Take a look at his new music, above. Warning: contains nudity.

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