Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Goodbye to ‘The View’ By Pretending Her Stint There Wasn’t a 10-Year Audition for ‘Fox & Friends’

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Longtime The View cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck began Wednesday’s show — her final day on The View — by saying goodbye. Hasselbeck is leaving to become a cohost at Fox & Friends, replacing Gretchen Carlson who is leaving to host her own show on Fox News.

Though it was only announced yesterday, Hasselbeck’s departure from The View has been expected for some time now. Hasselbeck’s unique brand of right wing insanity will fit in perfectly over at Fox, a place where people who agree can watch blowhards spout nonsense while the rest of us can simply ignore the whole operation altogether. So, buhbye Elisabeth Hasselbeck! We’ll surely hear from you soon enough, once someone calls Barack Obama‘s inauguration the “most depressing day of the year” again or when you all call interracial marriage impure. Buncha winners over there at Fox & Friends.

Hasselbeck’s replacement hasn’t been announced yet, but I guarantee you ABC producers have already made a call to Sarah Palin‘s people.