‘Below Deck’ Reveals The 10 Most Obnoxious On-Board Requests

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Aleks Taldykin of Bravo’s Below Deck has dealt with some pretty crazy client requests over the years.

Let him explain.

The 27-year-old First Officer has worked on fishing boats since age 12, and founded his own company, Elite Yacht Management by the age of 20.

On Bravo’s new series, Below Deck, Aleks and a group of crewmembers live and work together aboard a 164 mega-yacht, as they cater to the every need of wealthy and often demanding charter guests.

Cast member Aleks filled Celebuzz in on 10 of the most obnoxious client requests he’s encountered in his career thus far. From helping pick up women to scrambling for black caviar, he’s seen it all.

Aleks explains, “if you can afford a yacht, you can afford anything. There is never a no answer (well, depends).”

Aleks recalls some crazy requests he has had to say “yes” to in the past:

1. 2006. I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. One of my charter guests aboard the yacht asked me to go out to the local bars and pick up some ladies for him. Never say no…

2. Once had a dinner party on a yacht in Los Angeles. 5 star chef on board cooking the finest meals, but the chef forgot fine black caviar. What did I do? Client said he wants his caviar. He made me dock the yacht, and take his half a million dollar car to Beverly Hills to pick up the tub.

3. Speaking of Caviar, had another charter in St. Maartin in 2011 on a mega-yacht I used to work on. We had a $60,000 shipment of the finest food flown in from all over the world for one of our charters. We unload everything in all of the refrigerators and freezers. Cant find the caviar… It was stuck in the bottom of one of the Styrofoam boxes that was flown in. Had no choice, but the crew and I took a field trip chasing down the golf cart that took the boxes to the trash. We dumpster dove and found it in a box. (Frozen and fresh, don’t worry!)

4. Crazy story. A few years back I took one of my celebrity clients out on a cruise in Southern California. At anchor, I see a helicopter approaching us… slowly. One paparazzi was hanging out trying to get arial shots of the guests. I quickly hid them inside, weighed anchor, and headed back to port. Then we were approached with a speed boat with two more photographers, were chased for a few miles. Then their engine overheated/broke down and we lost them.

5. Toothbrushes… Had one client years back that would only use a toothbrush once… Before our three day trip I had to go to the store and buy twenty six toothbrushes to last us those three days for him and his family.

6. Kites and Guns… I had a client obsessed with firearms. He would have me purchase kites to fly, get out to a legal distance from land, fly the kites and shoot them off the stern (like shooting skeet but out at sea).

7. Had one charter few years back when I took a group of 11 women to Malibu and 1 of their guy friends… They got drunk and rowdy, asked me to massage a few of them on the bow of the yacht, then clothes started coming off (which I thrilled about). Some completely naked. I will leave it at that.

8. Had a charter in the Bahamas where the guests were introduced to conch for the first time — they couldn’t get enough of it. There was no seafood market… we had to put or snorkeling gear on, find conch and dive for them so they can be happy.

9. Was in Catalina Island one summer at anchor with a charter group. The main charter guest says, “I need to get my girlfriend and her friends here ASAP.” I suggested picking them up with the yacht and he says, “charter a helicopter, have it pick you up here and pick them up at Santa Monica Airport.” Yes, sir! Made some phone calls and was in the air in 2 hours.

10. Newport beach a few summers ago a charter client from over seas wanted to take him and his buddies out for a day. He wanted five jet-skis, so we had to get them delivered to the yacht. Then he wanted girls to have fun with — had to recruit ten girls to go on the yacht with us. He then had me get a large party bus and had the bus take him and all the guests to Vegas.

Below Deck airs on Bravo Mondays at 10/9C.

Watch a preview of tonight’s episode, below.