Adrienne Bailon Currently Removing Her ‘Ratchet’ Rob Kardashian Butt Tattoo

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Adrienne Bailon really, really hates her Rob Kardashian tattoo.

Recently, the former girlfriend of the E! reality star took to her new daytime talk show to air her grievances about having his full name — Robert A. Kardashian — tattooed on her booty back when they were an item.

In quid pro quo fashion, Kardashian had “Adrienne E. Bailon” inked on his ribcage.

“I’ve gotten pretty bad tattoos before,” Bailon said on an episode of The Real, a show she’s currently co-hosting. “Everybody knows I have the ratchetest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“It’s awful. Ten-letter last name, ‘Kardashian.’ It’s pretty bad. Now that is a ratchet tattoo. I made a very bad decision. Don’t follow my example,” she continued, adding that she is in the process of getting it removed.

“You can smell your flesh burning, and it’s my ass flesh burning. All bad … Booty tattoos, names of other men: ratchet. Don’t do it!”

Kardashian, 26, and Bailon, 29, began dating in 2007 but called things off 2009 after the former admitted to cheating on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Ironically, Kardashian shared an old photo of him cuddling with Bailon on his Instagram the same day Bailon spoke about their matching tats. “Me chillin with some of my shorties way back when,” he wrote alongside the snapshot.

The word’s still out if he thinks his tattoo is Adrienne tattoo is “ratchet.”