Comic-Con 2013: ‘Veronica Mars’ Cast and Creator Reveals Footage, Talks Story

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Get ready, Marshmallows!

The Veronica Mars movie is coming your way in early 2014 and it looks incredible. The entire cast of the cult show including Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Chris Lowell, Ryan Hansen, Francis Capra, Percy Daggs III, Tina Majorino, and creator Rob Thomas were on hand Friday morning at Comic-Con international in San Diego to provide fans a sneak peek into the Kickstarter-funded flick with some never-before-seen footage and a Q & A.

So what did we see in the clip?

To spoil just a few things — Logan asking Veronica for help, a major fight at the reunion, a hellmouth reference and a previously unannounced cameo from Jamie Lee Curtis as a prospective employer.

In the movie, Veronica has put her private investigator days behind her and is a lawyer. Assumingly she gets pulled back into her old life due to Logan’s request. Thomas has big hopes for the movie and thinks fans will be excited by the story.

“The good news for me is I think the story that I wanted to tell is what fans wanted to see,” Thomas told the audience about the film. “I feel like I’m a fan of the show. I know what the pleasure zones are for Veronica Mars viewers and I wrote to those.”

As for Bell, she said she slipped right back into her role as Veronica and was so excited she couldn’t believe they were really able to do this again. Her first day of shooting included a scene with Dohring. She even recited her first line in a perfect Veronica tone: “Charming drink names. I can’t decide between a beast with two backs or a donkey punch … Oooh do you think they’d let me order a virgin devirginator?”

The panel was both amusing and emotional for fans. Dohring and Lowell provided some laughs for the panel donning Team Piz and Team Logan shirts respectively. Lowell, who played Piz, Veronica’s boyfriend that fans loved to hate/blame for the demise of “LoVe” (Logan/Veronica) joked, “I wore this shirt today just so I wouldn’t get shot.”

Meanwhile, cast members like Capra spoke about how much it meant for them to come back and play these roles. He told the audience fondly, “You guys brought my family back.”

One thing not to expect from the upcoming film … a lot of mythology including mentions of Lily Kane or Beaver. Thomas wants new fans to be able to jump into the movie easily, especially if the flick goes big as he hopes. That being said he also promised a lot of references and easter eggs for all of you dedicated marshmallows out there.

The Veronica Mars movie wraps production on Monday and will be out in theaters in early 2014.

Are you as excited for the film as we are? Do you want Veronica and Logan to end up together? Or are you on Team Piz?