Rihanna Wants To Show You Her Snakeskin Bikini

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Rihanna‘s latest revealing social media snap might be one of her raciest ones yet.

Just when you thought she couldn’t share any more, RiRi went ahead a took a selfie that bares her bottom and waist in a tiny snakeskin bikini.

The singer also took a full body snap of her swimsuit look which is great and all, but it doesn’t have quite the same shock value.

Barely-there outfits have been part of Rihanna’s sartorial routine for as long as we can remember. She recently flaunted her figure in a risqué for the Barbados Crop Over festival. While hanging out in Sweden, she went braless in a mesh shirt that had us wondering if showing nipple was a thing now. Rihanna just goes there, guys.

One of the 25-year-old star’s favorite pastimes is taking hot shots of herself and posting them on the Internet. Want to see the cream of the crop? Flip through the gallery, above, to check out some of Rihanna’s sexiest personal pics.