Proof That Justin Bieber Is Suffering From Saggy Pants Syndrome

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You’d think someone worth $58 million would have money to spare to buy a belt.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in fairytale and even Hollywood’s brightest stars like Justin Bieber succumb to the horrible affliction that is having one’s pants always sagging down.

Though he has the fame and fortune to afford help, the “Boyfriend” crooner is always seen with his trousers — or whatever these are — a hair’s breadth from exposing his underwear, barely holding onto his waist.

Recently, the 19-year-old’s unfortunate case of saggy pants syndrome took the stage at his concert in Jacksonville, Fla., when he flashed his briefs-clad behind in front of the sold-out crowdOh, the humanity! 

Take a look at just how this terrible, terrible disease has affected the Biebs in the gallery — above.