CommentBuzz: The Week’s Best Reader Comments About New Pop Music, Gia Allemand, and More

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GREAT NEWS! I invented a time machine! SAD NEWS (for you)! Only I, the inventor of said time machine, can use it! But fear not, I will share my findings with you, because I am nice and you are lovely. Shall I take it for a spin? Heeeeerrreeeeee weeee goooooo!

Readers, I am in a strange place. It appear to have gone back in time. Yes, yes… new music by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry is just now leaking. I have gone back in time by almost a full week! Wow, the wonders of time travel. What else is happening this week? The Teen Choice Awards? Amazing! Beyoncéchanged her hair again?! I feel so honored to relive these historic pop culture moments. But the best part about my time machine is that it allows me to find awesome reader comments, which I will share with you after the jump.

Both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga released new singles this week. Thoughts on “Roar”?

sounds exactly like Sara Bariella’s brave.” – Jonathan

“i didn’t feel it tbh” – Islam

“Dud!” – Sara

“Sounds like the rest of her stuff. Still sounds like bubble gum pop.” – Christine

Gaga stepped out wearing… well… not much. People had conflicting opinions:

“She has no couth whatsoever. She is just like Miley Cyrus and all the other attention whores. Stop, just stop. It isn’t cute.” – kelliemurray

“She does have a nice ASS though……” – Sarah

Speaking of leaks and Lady Gaga, her duet withCher, “The Greatest Thing,” leaked:

“Not that I’m crazy about Cher, but I think she has a much better voice and like the timbre better than Lady Gaga because she sounds like a little girl trying to sound like like an adult. I actually like the melody.” – Martha

On Courtney Stodden‘s lettuce bikini:

“Where is a buuny rabbit when you need it?” – zgary

In sad news, The Bachelor star Gia Allemand died after attempting to hang herself. Fans offered their support:

I am a loss – even though I did not know Gia personally, watching her on The Bachelor and the Bachelor Pad, as well as reading her Twitter feeds, I could tell that she had a sweet spirit, is a sensitive soul….I wish there was a way to let her know how precious she is” – Ana

“Funny how all these sycophantic suck-ups who never knew her, or gave a crap about her when she was alive, all of a sudden claim to be “praying” for her. A little late now, don’t you think? How come not a goddamned one of you never lifted a finger to help her or do anything positive for her before? If you all only knew how phony you sound. You all disgust me.” – Randy

“Very sad news. My prayers and thoughts go out to Gia’s family, boyfriend and friends. As for Vienna, it’s very surprising to see her describe Gia as her “best friend from the show.” I seem to recall alot of cattiness, petty behavior and just plain nastiness on Vienna’s part and most of the women on Vienna’s season did not like Vienna. It seems a bit like Vienna is exploiting Gia’s tragic situation to maintain a shred of relevance. May Gia rest in peace.” – siliconvalleygirl

Paula Deen fans came out in support of the news that the lawsuit against her had been dismissed:

“The reason it became negative from the start was publisizing it in the MEDIA! If the Media hadn’t of blown it out of perportion, A lot of this would not have happened. She would have had her day in court, exonerated, and that would have been that! Thank you AGAIN, media for stirring the pot!” – Jean

“‘Only now it seems to have taken a more positive turn for the fallen chef since a federal judge threw out the race discrimination claims at the crux of the lawsuit filed against her by a former employee and ultimately led to the swift downfall of her culinary empire.’ ~ It’s only positive as long the race baiting, hate stirring press allows it to stay positive. Give them time, I’m sure there’s lots more hate to spread.” – mottm


Good for you Paula. I didnt think the law suit would go anywhere as it was something you said years ago and quite common in the South at that time. Just open up your own dabnat store and to hello with stores like Target and Pennys and wherever else your products were displayed. They abandoned you before they KNEW all the FACTS!!! Shallow, small minded people indeed!” – Martha

Lastly, the Teen Choice Awards happened, which means RED CARPET CRITIQUES:

“the outfit isn’t bad…Miley Cyrus looked trashy..I could almost see her underwear if she was wearing anything…Naya dressed appropriately, after all at the end of the TCA the entire audience was twerking???!!!! It wasn’t the Nick Awards…” – Ashley

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