Just How Successful Is One Direction, Really?

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If you’re a One Direction fan, you already know how special they are.  Isn’t it obvious?  But do you have any idea how successful the lads of London have become in just the last couple of years?

We’ve researched the hard numbers behind the runaway greatness of 1D and come up with some really interesting facts.

One Direction has sold a TON of albums.  Just how many?  

  • Up All Night the group’s debut, sold 4.5 million copies in 2012 – making it the third best-selling album of that year across the world.
  • 1D’s next album, Take Me Home, has also sold over four-and-a-half million copies since it was released in November of 2012.

If you’ve ever been to see 1D live, we’re guessing it was pretty hard to get that ticket. 

  • Tickets for the band’s first appearance at Madison Square Garden sold out in 10 minutes.
  • When 1D announced a 2013 tour of the UK and Ireland, over 300,000 tickets were sold within 24 hours.

And if you’re a One Direction fan, you are not alone.  Just look at these statistics!

  • One Direction has almost 14,000,000 followers on Twitter.  They add an average of 25,000 followers every day.
  • Harry Styles alone has almost 15,000,000 followers!

And finally, if you’re constantly searching for your favorite band, you definitely aren’t the only one:

  • Over 58 million searches for “One Direction” were registered by Google in 2012 alone!

Hmmm…  Sounds like Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, might be onto something with this whole One Direction thing.

Need a couple of hours with the lads?  Go see One Direction: This Is Us when it opens in theaters everywhere August 30th.