James Franco Blankly Announces New TV Show About Art in Bizarre, Blasé Instagram Video

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And now, a message from James Franco.

Coming to you live from his pillow, Franco joylessly announces he is getting his own TV show. It’s called James Franco Presents, a one-hour, ten-episode weekly series that will premiere in November on the independent cable network Ovation. “Just a bunch of crazy stuff,” Franco says dryly in the clip. “Look out for it.”

James Franco Presents — hosted and executive produced by the man himself — will explore “art”: Franco’s never-before-seen video footage, Franco’s experimental short films, Franco’s latest art exhibit, Franco’s work in collegiate classrooms, and Franco’s professional life at large, according to Variety.

The announcement came after the ever enigmatic Franco teased the series in odd Instagram art and obscure tweets.

“They don’t want me to say the channel yet, don’t know why. But I guess you’ll find out Wednesday,” he tweeted Monday, linking to an Instagram photo of his face superimposed on the Mona Lisa, with “New TV series about art duuuh” scribbled across it.

It continued Tuesday with this tweet: “New show, with me, and a bunch of crazy stuff. Announcement tomorrow.” It linked to another Instagram photo, this one featuring his visage Photoshopped into a Van Gogh, scrawled with, “New T.V. show: James Franco presents.”

There you have it: Art, through the eyes of Franco. So set your DVRs.