New ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Casting Rumors: Dakota Johnson And Charlie Hunnam To Star?

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Has the much talked about Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation finally found its stars?

The latest actors thrown into the rumor ring are Dakota Johnson (NOT Fanning, you guys) and Charlie Hunnam, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Dakota, who previously starred in the canceled FOX comedy Ben & Kate(and Melanie Griffith‘s womb) is up for the lead role of Anastasia “Ana” Steele while Sons of Anarchy‘s Hunnam would play the elusive Christian Grey.


I would call myself a fan of both these actors, but I’m not sure I would have ever predicted either of them for this particular project. I mean, I haven’t read the book or anything.

seinfeld gif

Fine. I have.

Dakota’s comedy prowess has been proven through standout bit roles in films like The Five-Year Engagement and 21 Jump Street, but it will interesting to see if she can take on a more dramatic character if she does in fact get this part. (Is Fifty Shades even a drama? Is it romance? Erotica? Romotica? Yeah, it’s romotica from here on.)

Hunnam has stuck to mainly action/thriller fare, including Pacific Rim, Deadfall and The Ledge. He’s also in the fantastic but short-lived Judd Apatowseries, Undeclared, which you should probably watch if you haven’t already. Like, now.

Fifty Shades of Grey will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and it’s slated for an August 2014 release.

What do you think about these latest casting rumors? Who would you like to see play Anastasia and Christian?