Here Comes Another Celebrity Kickstarter

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Joining the venerable ranks of Zach Braff, Spike Lee, Kristen Bell, Melissa Joan Hart and James Franco is another celebrity Kickstarter campaign. But strap in, because this one’s a doozy.

The movie is called Reach Me. It stars Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Connolly, Kyra Sedgwick, Thomas Jane (remember The Sweetest Thing?), Nelly, Cary Elwes, Ryan Kwanten, Tom Sizemore and Kelsey Grammer (as a mobster!). The movie, written and directed by John Herzfeld, is an ensemble film about a group of people connected by the titular self-help book. It’s basically Crash without the racism (or maybe there is racism! We’ll never know unless we help pay for the movie!) or Disconnect without the sexting (or Jason Bateman‘s weird beard). The movie was in the middle of shooting when an investor backed out, leaving the production $250,000 short which brings us to Kickstarter.

“Some of you might be wondering, ‘Why doesn’t he just ask his actors for the rest of the money?'” Herzfeld says in the film’s Kickstarter video, as if he’s reading your mind. “Well they’ve all worked for next to nothing and they’ve done enormous favors for me.”

The movie is a passion project for Herzfeld, who says he’s been trying to get it made since 2001. Kyra Sedgwick wears a beret! We can all debate about the merits of a celebrity Kickstarter campaign until we’re blue in the face, but hopefully this movie still gets made because I’m desperate to see what in the hell is going on here.

Then again, as Nelly (in character) says, “There’s no stopping someone who will stop at nothing.”