Here Are Aaron Paul’s Most Endearing Moments Caught On Film

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Oh, Aaron Paul. Is there anything you can’t do?

The actor is not only winning hearts — and awards — for his role on AMC’s Breaking Bad, but he’s also just winning at life in general. Whether he’s going out of his way to greet fans or sharing embarrassing videos of his past, the world simply falls deeper and deeper in love with the down-to-earth actor. (Hey, you know you’ve made it when you can make someone’s day by calling them a bitch.)

To celebrate his 34th birthday, Celebuzz is taking a look back at Paul’s most endearing moments. Oh, why do we love thee, Aaron Paul? Let us count the ways:

1. That one time he had to have his Corn Pops.

2. And the subsequent time that he confessed to never eating it again.

3. The time he had telepathic powers in a Juicy Fruit gum commercial.

4. The time he pissed off Mr. T.

5. That time he threw a pizza party.

6. The one time he stuck his head into a hole and got confronted by the mob in a Coke ad.

7. The time he met Bob Barker and got super giddy.

9. The time he flubbed his lines in an audition but still got the part.

10. That time he came out of his house to greet people on a sightseeing bus.

11. And that time he got super embarrassed about appearing on 90210.

12. But most importantly, all the times he made our day by saying his famous catchphraseword.