Americans Desperately Want to Reanimate Princess Diana

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Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes conducted a terrifically morose poll about death which asked Americans, among other things, which celebrity they would most like to be brought back to life. The winner is former princess and September 2013 Vanity Fair cover model (total coincidence there, I’m sure) Diana Spencer.

Princess Di won with 35% of the votes. She was followed by Steve Jobs (14%), Michael Jackson (11%), Whitney Houston (11%), Heath Ledger (9%), Kurt Cobain (6%) and James Gandolfini (3%). Take that, Mother Theresa.

Other questions on the poll found that more men than women would like to die before their partner, though only 12% of those polled said they’d give their life for their spouse. People would also rather have their ashes scattered in an amusement park than Canada and a shocking 42% of white people would be willing to flip the switch on an electric chair (don’t ask me why they separated it by race).

The poll also asked which fictional character people would like to bring back to life (probably because Vanity Fair‘s looking for a November cover model). Titanic‘s Jack Dawson took the top slot amongst both men and women, though, for men, The Godfather‘s Fredo Corleone was a close second. Bernie Lomax of Weekend at Bernie’s placed fourth among men, which would entirely defeat the purpose of that movie. C’mon, guys.