Birthday Girl Pippa Middleton’s Hottest Photos

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Pippa Middleton turns 30 today, as rumors of an engagement continue to press on.  In fact, sources have told a few media outlets that Middleton and her boyfriend, Nico Jackson are planning to make the announcement either today or shortly after.  Middleton and Jackson, a 35-year-old stockbroker from Kent, began dating in late 2012.

From her blue-blooded social circle at Edinburgh University to the nights out at Boujis and Mahiki with her sister, Catherine, Pippa hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to being seen.

One source told the Daily Mail back in 2007 that Pippa was keen on joining the right groups from first day at university.

“If she found out that someone had impressive social credentials – the right title, standing, connections – she would immediately pay them a lot of attention where before she wouldn’t have shown the least interest.”

These days, Pippa’s as selective about dating and work experience as she was back at Edinburgh.  She currently writes for Waitrose Kitchen, Vanity Fair and the Spectator, not to mention she’s published a (widely-panned) book, Celebrate.

Ah yes, and she’ll most likely be a godmother to the future King of England.

Launch the gallery to see some of Pippa’s hottest looks.