Louis Tomlinson Gets Tackled, Throws Up During Charity Soccer Game

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Maybe Louis Tomlinson should reconsider that soccer gig.

The One Direction started on the right foot when he took the field for a weekend charity match organized by former Bulgarian footballer Stiliyan Petrov, who was forced to retire to battle leukemia, at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland.

But some time in the second half, the going got tough for Tomlinson, when he was tackled by pro soccer player Gabriel Agbonlahor, of England’s Aston Villa Football Club.

The collision chucked Tomlinson to the ground, where he writhed in pain as he grasped at his knee. Before long, he picked himself up and hobbled off, hoping to walk off the injury. But no such luck: soon, he was seen throwing up on the sidelines. Tomlinson rode out of the rest of the game on the bench.

Though Agbonlahor was cheered for the tackle in the arena, he threw Directioners into a fury on Twitter. Maybe that’s why the soccer ace said he would make up with the wounded 1D star.

“It was one of those things. I’ll apologize to Louis when we meet up,” Agbonlahor said after the game, according to BBC. “I know he enjoyed playing in the game and it’s fantastic that he took time out to be here.”

As of now, Tomlinson is set to play for his hometown club, Doncaster Rovers, in a charity match on Sept. 8, after it was announced in August that he had signed with the team as a non-contract player for the upcoming season.

Hopefully he fairs better on the field next time.