What Would Zack Morris Do In 2013? Mark-Paul Gosselaar Answers

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How would Bayside High’s resident schemer Zack Morris deal in modern day scenarios? The man who brought the beloved “Saved By The Bell” character to life, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, has the answers.

The “Franklin & Bash” actor sat down with comedian Paul F. Tompkins for Made Man to play a friendly game, placing Zack “Preppy” Morris in 2013 situations involving catfishing, CrossFit, and gluten.

His responses are not to be missed.

At one point he even throws back to Zack’s unexplained “time out” superpower. “If you don’t like that answer, then Zack would just time out,” he explains to Paul. According to Gosselaar and Tompkins, stopping time is a totally acceptable 2013 reaction.

Mark also brings up Jessie Spano’s famous “I’m so excited… I’m so scared” caffeine pill addiction moment.

Jessie Spano gif

Plus, he reveals Screech wasn’t human and Jessie was actually a lesbian. Yup.

Watch the clip in all its glory, above, to find out what Zack Morris would do in 2013.

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