Countdown to The Emmys: If You Could Star in Any Reality Show, Which One Would You Choose?

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In anticipation of the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which air September 22 at 8 p.m. ET, we are launching a series of polls and other TV-related challenges. Return each week for a new Countdown to the Emmys event!

Yesterday, we asked our Twitter friends to tell us which reality show they’d most like to star in and why. Your answers, as always, are varied and entertaining, and you can read them after the jump. If you didn’t get a chance to play along on Twitter, you can leave a comment on this post telling us which reality show you’d join and why. (Side note and SPOILER ALERT:  How weird is it that no one said The Swan?)









Remember, it’s not too late to play along; tell us which reality show you’d star in and why by leaving a comment below!