Go Inside ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s New Texas Backyard

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It looks like moving in to that $3 million California mansion didn’t quite work out.

Farrah Abraham is taking her supposed seven-figure payday and paychecks from all those questionably-dressed red carpet appearances (and hocking of random products) in the her quest for fame by moving into a humble apartment complex in Bee Hive, Texas. And if you’re probably one of many who doesn’t know where that is, it’s on the outskirts of Austin.

Celebuzz can show you the exclusive pics — and by the looks of it, we can totally see why this beats living next door to Justin Bieber.

It’s got a decorative two-toned color scheme, mini blinds, track lighting, faux wood flooring, scenic mountain views — and all the comforts of home.

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