Aaron Paul Gets an ‘A+’ in Dog Sex Identification

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Last night, Aaron Paul, star of unpopular TV series Breaking Bad, hung out with Jimmy Kimmel, star of unpopular late night program Jimmy Kimmel Live, and demonstrated his “hidden talent” of identifying dog sexes. (Informal Survey: Would you watch a show called Aaronica’s Got Talent?)

A few things: 1) Aaron Paul has grown an impressive beard. 2) The cynical among us might say this was all an elaborate setup used to get Aaron to say “BITCH!” a lot. 3) But who cares, really, ‘cuz Aaron Paul + puppies = everyone’s satisfied.

Aaron also talked about Breaking Bad‘s final episodes, which might be of interest to the, like, four people who’ve even heard of that show. (It is really, really unpopular.)

All of this begs the following questions: What is your hidden talent? Have you heard of Breaking Bad? On a scale of Breaking Bad to Jimmy Kimmel Live, how famous are these dogs? What are your thoughts on beards? Please leave your answers in the comments.