The Official 2013 Emmys I Spy Game

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Big weekend in Tinseltown everybody! If Aaron Paul sees his shadow, we’ll have one more week of pilot season. HAHA just kidding, it’s time for the Emmys! If Elton John gets one he’ll finally have the big EGOT. (Elton John is not nominated for an Emmy.)

To celebrate this festive occasion, Celebuzz put together a special Emmys I Spy game.

When you’re watching the Emmys tonight, keep an eye out for these special moments. Did Hilary Swank forget to thank her husband again? Did Sofia Vergara split her dress? You get points any time you spot any of the following:

  • Neil Patrick Harris being charming +1
  • Neil Patrick Harris singing +5
  • Sofia Vergara being wacky +1
  • Any member of the under 15 set out past their bedtime
    • Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez +1
    • Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka +2
    • Quvenzhan√© Wallis +2
    • Downton Abbey‘s Master George +50
  • Anyone mentioning naked Lena Dunham +5
  • Lena Dunham mentioning naked Lena Dunham +10
  • Mindy Kaling talking about rom coms +3
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler being best feminist lady gal pals +3
  • E! brings back it’s mani cam +25
  • Anyone mentioning someone (ahem, Tatiana Maslany) who didn’t get nominated +15
  • Any time someone forgets to thank their spouse +10
  • Any time someone thanks Chad Lowe +100
  • Any time you find yourself judging someone’s gown while you sit in your soiled sweatpants +1,000

Good luck to you all!