Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ Music Video Is Basically a Trip to the World’s Weirdest Strip Club

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A stripper anthem like “Pour It Up” deserves a plethora of strippers, and Rihanna certainly delivers in the Unapologetic hit’s freshly-released music video.

Strangely shot like it the camera lens was covered in a layer of algae, the visuals are basically what you’d expect from a song about exotic dancers: pole-dancing, dollar bills and Rihanna — who’s been to a few strip clubs herself — clad in a bevy of racy ensembles.

Of course, there are also some out-of-place stuff that Rihanna can only dream up such as denim thongs and a stripper’s pole in the middle of a pool. (Hmm, that must explain the moss motif then.)

“I bet you’ve never seen bitches twerk on water,” the songstress says in a behind-the-scenes video released a day before the big premiere. “My bitches twerk on water.”

Yeah, we’ve basically seen everything there is to see now.

Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.