The Good, the Bad, the Awful: Your Guide to Dining at Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

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Stars expanding their name recognition is nothing new in the world of celebrity.

If they’re not the silver screen or the small screen, they’re putting their good name behind clothes, perfume, books, coffee, nail polish, and even business schools.

So it only seems natural that the celeb entrepreneur is also turning restaurateur.

But when you compare Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club and Lady Gaga’s Joanne Trattoria to Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality and Moby’s TeaNY, just how does their fare… well… fare.

From NYC, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Diego, each city is different when it comes to grading and scoring. But one thing’s the same — an eatery’s rating depends on how well it follows city and state food safety requirements including food handling, food temperature, personal hygiene and (everyone’s cringe-worthy favorite) vermin control.

In NYC, the lower the score, the better the grade. (0 to 13 points = A, 14 to 27 = B, and 28 or more = C)

In L.A., it’s just the opposite. The higher the score, the higher the grade.

In Austin, if you score below 70, that means an inspector will pay you another surprise visit.

According to health officials in New Jersey, your restaurant is either satisfactory or unsatisfactory — or you’re shut down.

In Green Bay, there’s no letter grade or pass/fail. But $150 for every time things aren’t cleaned up during re-inspection.

You get the idea.

So… are these A-listers making the grade when it comes to their restaurant health inspections?

Click through the CB! gallery above to take a peek at their report cards.