Nicki Minaj Attributes Her “Perfect Hourglass Figure” to Twerking

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Nicki Minaj is spilling the beans on her “big ass secret.” Like, literally the secret to her big ass.

In a hilarious infomercial parody for Ellen DeGeneres‘ talk show, the “Super Bass” rapper fully endorses Extreme Home Twerk Out — a non-existent exercise video that has people getting in shape while shaking their butts like an extra in Rihanna‘s “Pour It Up” music video.

“Want to know how I maintain this perfect hourglass figure? It’s simple,” she says in the clip spoofing the latest dance craze. “If you want to look amazing, you can’t just work out. You’ve gotta twerk out.”

Quick, someone get Miley Cyrus on this and make it a real thing.