The Albuquerque Journal Ran a Major ‘Breaking Bad’ Spoiler Today

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As part of the mourning process for the end of Breaking Bad some fans took to the Albuquerque newspaper, where the show was shot and set.

They paid the paper to run an obituary for Walter White.

HyperVocal has a shot of the obit, which notes that White “died Sunday after a long battle with cancer, and a gunshot wound.” It also buries his less-than-honorable meth empire, noting first that he was “a co-founder of Gray Matter” and “a research chemist who taught high school chemistry.” It ends simply, “he will be greatly missed.”

The obit was paid for by David Layman, an Albuquerque resident and bigger Breaking Bad fan than you. “I’ve been a humongous Breaking Bad fan since the beginning. I was actually in the pilot, and putting the obit in the paper was fitting, because the series was based in Albuquerque and it provides some of us some closure,” he told the Albuquerque Journal.