You Will Know Her Name: Sabrina Carpenter

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In honor of Carrie, a girl with a pretty special power of her own, we’re taking a look at 8 kick-ass women harnessing the power of their talents to make a splash in a BIG way. Nails good, show tunes sung, scarf tied and good to go, makeup on and ready – now throw on some tunes to get HYPED. You probably haven’t heard of any of these women yet, but trust us — you will know her name.

Facts: She can sing, she’s adorable, AND she’s starring in the much-awaited Boy Meets World spinoff “Girl Meets World”, hitting TV screens in 2014.


Why We Love Her: Accomplished singer, talented song-writer, AND an actress? She’s almost a triple-threat.

Where She’s At: “Girl Meets World” is set to premiere sometime in 2014, so to get your Serena fix, head over to her YouTube page. Warning — you will be blown away at how good her voice is.

Why We’re Obsessed: Sabrina is super prolific, and her work is all pretty great, so it was really hard to pick just one, buuuuut we have a weakness for Ri-Ri, and this is one of our faves. Check out her cover below.