Get to Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Karen Houghton

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We don’t think Kris Jenner‘s going to be very happy about this.

That’s because her little sis Karen Houghton is spilling a few too many family secrets — and no one’s off limits.

The 54-year-old part-time nurse who lives in San Diego. Calif. recently opened up to In Touch about her famous family… from her big sister’s lavish spending sprees to party-loving lifestyle.

Here are just some of the interview highlights:

“She sent a Mercedes down for Valentine’s Day. I went out front and there was a big bow on it,” Houghton gushed of her sister’s pricey presents.

“She also furnished my whole house. A truck came down with $50,000 worth of furniture.”

But even as she describes her sibling as a “generous and giving” momager, Houghton also refers to her as a “crazy and controlling” fame-seeker in the same breath.

“Kris pushes them to be stars. Money is her whole world. I’m not materialistic. But Kris is into Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, multi-million dollar rings on her fingers,” she said. “She loves all the finer things in life.”

And apparently partying is “her thing” because she’s living out her lost youth.

“I think Kris is [drinking] because she married Robert Kardashian when she was 22 and she’s getting it out of her system now.”

Because that just wasn’t enough TMI, Houghton figured she’d also dive right into Kris’s personal life, too.

According to the tabloid, she reveals that Kris and her husband of 22 years, Bruce Jenner, “are separated” and he’s even “sought out a lawyer.”

In fact, the mag prefaced its exclusive interview by saying Aunt Karen is “breaking her silence,” but according to her Facebook page, she’s been blabbing and posting personal family pics and messages for quite some time.

And she’s taken a very different tone about her fam in a June 14 post, where in a nutshell, she says all the Kardashian haters are just jealous of them and without the reality stars we’d be eating bon bons and sitting on our a***s. So we need to get a life and a job. (This from the woman who reaps the benefits of free furniture and luxury cars.)

“I love my family my Sis is an amazing woman!!!!!!amazing she is the most loving generous mother and all u people r so jealous of all of them!!!!” Houghton wrote on Facebook. “she worships her family and the kids r her whole life…do u all get up at 4am every morning and get to the office and give ur children a wonderful life not…

“why do u comment if ur not interested in the kardashians,” she added. “why u that bored lonely come on what would u do without this family to watch eat bon bons and sit on ur a……ya know jealousy is a bad thing there laughing all the way to the bank…hard workers like Kris r the kind of people that make it go get jobs all u haters get a life pls oh Kris I luv u like crazy my dear dear amazing sister I love u soooooo….”

We’re starting to understand why she’s known as “Crazy Auntie K.”

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