Get to Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Katy Perry’s Mom Mary Hudson

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We can’t include Keith Hudson in our Blabbermouth collection without making room for his wife Mary Hudson.

As you may know, Mary joins her evangelical husband in proselytizing around the world. And as much as they preach about their savior Jesus Christ, their famous daughter Katy Perry takes up even more lip service.

Because there’s rarely a sermon without a name drop here and there.

Now, instead of using the mic, Mama Mary has taken her pleas to save Katy from selling her soul in Hollywood by penning a diatribe to all those who will read and listen up.

In an article for Charisma Magazine earlier this year, Mary aptly titled her words of wisdom “How to Pray for Your Prodigal” in order to help others who are “unsaved” (like her “I Kissed a Girl”-loving daughter, obviously).

The article opens up by saying that Katy may be pushing the cliché of sex, drugs and rock and roll, but it “hasn’t stopped her mother from believing her daughter will return to the godly foundation upon which she was raised.”

So Mary takes it upon herself to show others going through the same familial heartbreak “how to stand in the gap when it looks like your child will never come home.”

With help from her edible cupcake bra-wearing daughter, Mary claims “a cultural Armageddon has come upon our teenagers and young adults.”

How’s that, you ask?

Through the “constant assault of immoral and often perverted messages” that are “being leveled at them through movies, television, music and the Internet.”

And she’s single-handedly seen “Satan’s assault” with her own eyes.

“On a simple trip to the mall, girls are assailed with life-sized photos of partly undressed men in popular department stores,” she wrote. “Boys are under a continuous barrage from racy commercials and violent, sexually explicit video games.

“Satan’s assault on our youth is relentless, and they can’t fight against it alone. Parents have to walk in their God-given authority — children can’t be left to raise themselves,” she added.

“But when our children become adults, they must make their own decisions about whether they will follow God. That choice isn’t up to us. Our children will explore the world on their own and, unfortunately, make mistakes.”

Katy, she’s talking to you.

Preacher Mary even reveals that she went through a three-month period of depression (somehow we don’t think Katy’s boob-baring ensembles and sex addicted ex helped all that much.)

“I had spent hours in prayer for my family and yet didn’t see the desired results,” wrote Mary, who even took inspiration from Happy Feet to make her point.

“The situation in my own family was not good and seemed to be getting worse…” she said.

But Mary eventually saw the light: “I felt the Lord telling me that if I wanted my children to be spiritual, I had to change my attitude and rejoice in the Lord as never before. I had to thank Him in advance for what He was going to do in my family.”

In fact, Katy’s mom is fighting back against the “minefield of demonic influences in this fallen world” through prayer (of course).

“When your children decide to follow a path that is diametrically opposed to what you taught them, you can still rejoice,” she instructed.

“You must fight for your child with superior firepower — with prayer that’s bolstered by rejoicing, praising and declaring the Word of God, which is His war strategy for giving you and your child victory.”

Something tells us that since Katy’s leopard loincloth-wearing performance on SNL over the weekend, she still hasn’t gotten around to perusing her mom’s article just yet.