Technicolor Hair: Can Anyone Pull it Off?

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What’s the meaning of life? Is time travel possible? Do funky hair colors flatter anyone besides Ramona Flowers? Let us ponder.

Exhibit A: Ke$ha has dyed her hair an odd cotton candy pink and blue. Meh. It’s very boring and much like the singer herself, slightly desperate for attention. It doesn’t work. Sorry, Ke$ha 🙁

Exhibit B: Demi Lovato has opted for some sort of electric sea foam color that’s slightly rocker, I guess? Demi is a very pretty girl, and thus need not distract me from her face. Demi: you can do brunette. You can do blonde. Hell, you can do red. But please leave the Crayola colors out of your rotation.

Exhibit C: Vanessa Hudgens and her long ombre spiral curls. I have a girl crush. Let’s face it: you can do whatever the f*ck you want. Bitch.