Farrah Abraham’s New Boyfriend Has Lots of Adoring, and Hungry, Female Fans

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Farrah Abraham is dating a nice young man. A nice young DJ named Brian Dawe, with whom she often likes to hold hands and kiss. But sometimes even the nicest of DJs can post blow job offers from other women on their public Facebook accounts.

According to Dawe, who posted the letter on Facebook with the caption, “this happened,” he found the anonymous taped to his car. The writer of the letter provides her phone number (redacted) and says, “I would so hold his penis in my mouth…” which sounds like a person who does not know what a blow job is. “It feels like a cup of Minestrone soup!”

Take a gander at the eloquently written words for yourself:

Whether he took the groupie up on the offer, well, Farrah, you’ll have to ask him yourself.