Meet Pauly D’s Baby Mama and Baby Amabella

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Pauly D’s baby mama loves to take selfies and show off her newborn baby girl.

Since news broke that Amanda Markert is the lucky lady friend who the DJ procreated with one night in Sin City, the 26-year-old former Hooters waitress has taken to her Twitter to vent “public media is the devil.”

But she’s sure taken advantage of it over the last year or so, posting an entire chronology of what appears to be the time when she met the Jersey Shore star in Las Vegas and throughout the stages of her pregnancy (from the sonogram to the baby shower.)

And we have to say, little Amabella, who’s now 5-months-old, is the cutest little guidette we’ve ever seen — and it’s uncanny how much she looks like her reality star dad (hair included, of course).

Take a look at Pauly D’s baby mama and baby girl Amabella in the CB! gallery above.