I am Totally Watching ‘Dracula’ Tonight

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers is very, very good at making some of history’s most notorious names (both factual and fictional) look sexy.  How he managed to turn Henry VIII from a gluttonous, gout-suffering fatty into a 16th century smokeshow is beyond me.

The Irish actor will play the title role on NBC’s Dracula, premiering tonight at 10pm ET.  The story finds him posing as an American entrepreneur in Victorian England, hell bent on getting even with those who turned him into a vampire a few hundred years earlier.

Ah, but wait.  There’s a distraction in the form of a fit bird, who reminds Dracula of his deceased wife.  And then there is dreamy Oliver Jackson-Cohen, whose role I’m not entirely sure of, but I’m quite happy to watch and find out.

This show ticks off all of my requirements:

1) Handsome British Gentlemen

2) Vampires

3) British Setting (no matter the era)

4) Handsome British Gentlemen and Vampires

The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, Dracula on Friday. LifeIsAmazing!