From One Baby Daddy to Another

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Meet Lance Gerbino.

The guy who also has a child with Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda MarkertAnd he doesn’t have a lot of nice things to say about the mother of two.

Here are his words of wisdom warning for the Jersey Shore star.

“I’ve known about Pauly D for a long time,” Lance told Celebuzz, adding that Amanda spoke of hanging out with the DJ before they hooked up in Sin City.

“I really feel bad for him because he’s going to have to go through all the bulls**t I’ve been through. He’s has no idea the roller coaster he’s going on with this girl. I don’t think he really understands what’s going on here. It’s been five years of her and her chaos.

“I think she’s a horrible mom,” he added. “One of the last times I saw my son his last words were, ‘daddy, why is mommy so mean to you?'”

And the surf shop owner alludes to her having ulterior motives.

“There’s no innocent with her.

“Put it this way, the same situation occurred with me and her. I knew this was going to happen with her again,” he said couching his comments.

“She’s a liar, she’s a gold digger.”

Lance says he’s known Amanda since their New Jersey days in the sixth grade and they’ve been romantically involved off and on for years — a relationship he refers to as “lustful.” Even though it’s over between the two, they have a 5-year-old son, Mikey.

(Photo: Lance Gerbino with his son at his surf shop in New Jersey years ago.)

And it sounds like to describe their relationship as rocky would be the understatement of the year.

“Me and her have had a lot of problems. She takes care of her kids, but she’s out at the club every single night,” he said of Amanda, who’s worked as a Hooters girl and VIP bottle waitress. “She’s been doing that since she had our baby.

“I joke around a lot, that’s just who I am, but I feel bad for my son, his daughter and for him. I don’t want to blast her too much either, but I don’t have many nice things to say about her.”

As you can probably imagine these two are not on the best terms and it’s a war of words between baby daddy No. 1 and baby mama.

But Lance is facing even more serious problems of his own — with the law and apparently not having enough money to pay his rent: “Cant pay my rent cuz all my monry spent but thats ok im still fly” and “Rather be broke in LA then killin it anywhere else,” he wrote on Instagram.

In fact, Pauly is reportedly going after full custody of his 5-month-old baby girl Amabella all because of Lance’s criminal history. As reported by TMZ, he was arrested on a DUI charge in Florida where police found him at the scene of the accident with “bloody needle marks in his arm, and methadone pills.” And after bailing on a court hearing there’s now a bench warrant out for his arrest.

Amanda’s attorney Steve Scheffler told the site that she has full custody and there’s a restraining order in place, which Lance says he knows nothing about.

Lance would not comment further, but claims he’s sober and working on a non-profit to help people overcome addiction.

“I’m worried about both of our kids at the moment,” he said. “This situation has gotten out of hand. There are photos of my son online. There’s too much going on with this.”