All the Pregnant Ladies: A Celebuzz Roundup of Who Is and Who Isn’t Pregnant in Hollywood

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If tabloid magazines are to be believed, the uteri of famous women are a veritable bakery full of bun-filled ovens. Apparently, it’s baby-making season in Hollywood. But, as always, only some of these pregnancy are true. Celebuzz is breaking down who is and who is not pregnant, at this very moment, in Hollywood.

The Celebrity: Kristin Cavallari
Who’s Reporting: E!; “Kristin Cavallari Pregnant With Baby No. 2!
Truthmeter: 8/10
The Bottom Line:Kristin Cavallari has been talking about trying for baby number two with her husband Jay Cutler for some time now, including telling a Chicago television station that the two are “doing all the necessary things to get pregnant.” The couple have a one-year-old son, and clearly would like their kids to be close in age. E!’s source is an anonymous one, but that could easily be Cavallari’s rep, who traded the exclusive for some sort of favor down the line.

The Celebrity: Kerry Washington
Who’s Reporting:Us Weekly; “Kerry Washington Pregnant, Expecting First Child With Husband Nnamdi Asomugha!
Truthmeter: 7/10
The Bottom Line: While Us‘ source is only “a pal” (not anymore!), Washington is somewhat famously guarded about her personal life. There have been whispers of a baby gladiator for a couple months now and the source claims that Washington is about four months along, so the stories match up. Washington was married over the summer. She’s 36 years old and steadily employed so now would be an opportune time to start a family. Plus, it wouldn’t be that hard at all to write her pregnancy into Scandal, in fact, it’d make for a great cliff-hanger.

The Celebrity: Gwen Stefani
Who’s Reporting: Basically anyone with eyes
Truthmeter: 9/10
The Bottom Line: Have you seen Gwen Stefani? She of the eternally rock-hard abs? She’s definitely pregnant. Plus she basically confirmed it with this picture.

The Celebrity: Olivia Wilde
Who’s Reporting: Olivia Wilde, “WOW. You guys are awesome. So kind. Thank you thank you thank you! PS. Babies eat mostly salsa right?
Truthmeter: 10/10
The Bottom Line:Olivia Wilde is pregnant. Congratulations to Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

The Celebrity: Beyoncé
Who’s Reporting:, that one girl you accidentally started talking to at a party who refuses to admit we were all wrong five months ago
Truthmeter: 0/10
The Bottom Line:Beyoncé is pregnant for sure. Pregnant with promise. Pregnant with ambition. Pregnant with the admiration of this wide, wide world. But with a baby? Absolutely not. At this point, Beyoncé’s second baby is about as real as her fifth album.

And this is just for The National Enquirer, but Jennifer Aniston is probably still not pregnant either.