First Indian Guess Model is as Beautiful as All the Previous Guess Models

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Priyanka Chopra. No, the name doesn’t ring a lot of bells for me either. But this Bollywood beauty has arrived. The world’s first Indian Guess model has been revealed. Her name is Priyanka Chopra and here’s a shocker: she’s stunningly gorgeous. Looking like a slightly more exotic Eva Mendes or a modern day Sophia Loren, Priyanka appeared in Guess’s most recent black and white campaign, and perfectly channelled the voluptuous ingenue like her breathtaking predecessors (see: Anna Nicole Smith, Claudia Schiffer.)

The 31-year-old mode,l who is rumored to be single, may find dating in Hollywood less than ideal. Just ask the Israeli-born and bikini-selfie master Bar Refaeli, who reportedly can’t get a date.

I apologize if that slightly muffled, tiny violin sound has emerged from your speakers. Waaaaah. It’s so hard to be beautiful. Let’s focus on being revolutionary, models, mmkay?