Walter White Tells Terrible Chemistry Jokes and Other Funny Things

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The internet is a funny place. Not always “funny ha ha,” but funny, still. Sometimes, though, it is “funny ha ha,” as in the case of these terrible chemistry puns as told by Walter White. I mean, yes, it’s essentially just recycled Chemistry Cat jokes, but we’ll make an exception because we all miss Breaking Bad so much. Enjoy all of Heisenberg’s bad jokes — as well as a few other funny things — after the jump.

In which Disney villains go all Chicago on us:

How about these celebrity army general portraits?

And lastly, because it’s Halloween, here are a few last minute costume ideas for kids, courtesy of Ellen:

And that, my friends, is all I have for today. Go out, eat some candy, scare some children, or just do as I plan on doing and get very, very drunk.