Pauly D to His Baby Mama: Stop Tweeting Me

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Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda Markert has resorted to trying to get his attention via Twitter.

But he wants nothing to do with her or her family who keep sending him messages to meet in-person.

And it’s getting out of hand, said a source close to the DJ.

Pauly’s one-time Hooters girl baby mama recently posted her pleas publicly:

And that’s not all. Her friends and family are getting in on the online action.

“Her family keeps tweeting him to come over for Halloween or Thanksgiving so they can meet him. It’s like a Pauly D meet-and-greet,” said the source.

In one message to Pauly it reads, “He’s invited to come trick or treat. Why is he so negative. Come see your baby,” even adding he can “hide in costume.”

Another bizarre message asks him to mail a personalized cardboard cutout to 5-month-old Amabella: “At least send a car board cut out of yourself so Amabella can get used to your face.”

While another begs him to visit Amanda and her fam, “WE ARE WAITING,” it reads.

And they attempt to paint his one night stand in a good light by writing she’s “patient and calm. Your not giving this a chance.”

“We are awesome and fun. A new kind of fun for you. You will be in love at first sight.”

But Pauly is simply turning it over to his legal team.

“He wants them to stop,” said the source. “It’s embarrassing and it looks desperate. He’s hired a lawyer and taking this seriously. This is not going to be played out in social media.

“He’s just ignoring them and is not going to answer. He’s just letting his lawyer know what’s going on.

“He thinks he’s now involved in this horrible family. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with them, but wants to be involved in his little girl’s life.”

This is actually just giving him one more reason to want to take care of baby Amabella full-time.

“He’s going after full custody because he doesn’t know her,” said the source.

So far he’s asked for visitation three times, which Amanda has denied.

“He does want to reach a compromise so he can meet Amabella and know her sleeping schedule and feeding schedule so he can take care of her,” said the source. “He wants to spend time with his baby, not with her mom.”

So here’s the backstory.

The two met at a daytime pool party in Las Vegas where they hooked up (and Pauly understood she was on birth control), according to our source.

Two weeks later she contacted Pauly to let him know she was pregnant.

“They discussed having an abortion because he didn’t even know this girl, and then she fell off the face of the earth.”

According to the source, Amanda contacted him after she gave birth to their little girl and… get this… wanted money for her silence.

“She requested money in exchange for her signing a confidentiality agreement not to say he was the father,” said the source. “But that’s not what Pauly wanted. He told her he didn’t want to pay her off because he wants to have a relationship with his baby.”

A call to Amanda’s attorney was not returned.

And so the baby mama drama will most definitely continue.